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Tricentis Tosca

Fiven is a Partner of Tricentis Tosca, one of the most powerful tools for E2E Test Automation due to the simplification characteristics of process management and the possibility of integrating different systems and technologies in the same test flow.

Tosca supports over 160 technologies and business applications, ensuring scalability of test automation.
Tosca streamlines and accelerates end-to-end testing. Its codeless, AI-driven approach takes the bottleneck out of testing and the risk out of software releases.

Tosca's AI engine enables elements to be used on virtually any technology, from cloud-native business apps to simple designs and prototypes.

Tosca enables the creation of codeless and resilient automated tests through a unique approach that separates the automation model from the underlying application. This way, changes to the application's source code can be done frequently without impacting test automation.

With Tosca, you can also automatically create and deliver on-demand stateful data (for example, synthetic, masked, or imported) for even the most complex scenarios.

Tosca also supplies a Service Virtualization system, a simulation technology that allows for automatic execution of tests even when the systems on which the application is based cannot be correctly accessed or configured. Tricentis Tosca accelerates innovation and enables digital transformation through a continuous testing approach.

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