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A complete range of quality engineering services and solutions.

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Fiven Bravo ensures the highest quality standards for software, IT systems, and enterprise architectures. From audits to compliance, from smart testing to security assessments, Fiven Bravo guarantees the business continuity of the most important Finance, Telco, and Retail players, allowing millions of users and customers to enjoy satisfying and safe user-experiences in the multitude of digital channels that characterize the most complex business models.

Fiven Bravo is ISTQB® Platinum Partner and certified Checkmarx, Selenium and Tricentis Tosca.

Managed Tests & Services
QA Consulting
Test Automation


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Quality is
not an act,
it is a habit.

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A systemic, end-to-end, innovation process.
From concepting to post-delivery, we build beautiful products and wonderful experiences, leveraging global innovation to grow and transform businesses.

Let’s build some
future together.

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