Unlock full potential view from your People through MyAiP Skills, allowing you to identify best skills and attitudes for any internal need and position in your organization.

The skills finder

MyAiP Skills is a powerful tool able to:
In a modern market having better human resources is a key factor in a company's competitiveness.
MyAiP Skills is the application able to link, integrate and reprocess - through advanced search algorithms - structured data within different business systems.
It is a product that is suitable for medium to large companies and allows complex searches oriented to the skills of employees.
It includes also a new real-time reporting tool that dynamically groups and categorizes employees’ data.
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Know your employees

MyAiP Skills Highlights

  • Analyzes andstores employees’ data intelligently.
  • Allows assessment of employee's talents also with a view to future professional development.
  • Allows complex skill-oriented audits (current and future)
  • Detailed Single Employee Card, containing all the information about each employee (including skills) generated from all the information scattered in different company systems (SAP, DB,Excel, etc.) by presenting it in a single centralized system. The info displayed is different depending on the role of the person viewing it.
  • Seamlessly integrated with SAP
Ada Skills Employee Card


  • Ability to configure soft skills according to the needs of the company, and assign a "value" and "weight".
  • Creation of searches on candidate's hard and soft skills, based on HR Manager's directives, thanks to three search modes [1. Simple search, through manual entry of parameters - 2. Complex search, through a preset list of technical details (hard skills) - 3. Soft skill search, deducing the presence of soft skills within CVs, through analysis of professional experience, education, hobbies, etc.].
  • Missing or contradictory information is reported to HR by the system allowing manual completion and/or sending a request for completion to the candidate, either by notification or by sending a direct link to the chatbot built into the system that provides support and guidance in the candidate's compilation of the missing data.
  • Search results are presented according to the degree to which they match the position.
Use Case1

Use Case:
Complex searches

Use Case2

Future Searches

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