MyAiP Express is the intelligent software that understands the content of inbound mails and documents, classifies and organizes information and distributes related tasks to the right owner.

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MyAiP  Express is a powerful tool able to:
MyAiP Express is the application that supports customers in inbound document/mail/pec management through the use of AI technologies.

MyAiP Express automates the process in order to reduce operational errors and improve management flow as well as monitoring of different processes.

The tool collects, analyzes, and processes requests, identifies the contexts provided by the customer, classifies them according to content (using standard AI technology with system training to improve performance), and finally routes them to the relevant business departments, with an excellent degree of reliability!

MyAiP Express can be integrated with any automated ticketing product.
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AI Document Management

MyAiP Express Highlights


  • Automatic classification of incoming documents/mails/pecs, which reduces time and costs associated with manual activity making business process execution more effective
  • Automatic indexing of documents/mails/pecs, through the extraction of data and text that constitute the metadata associated with the digital document
  • Semantic analysis of the contents of documents/mails/pecs, which ensures their analysis, comprehension and synthesis
  • Management of documents/mails/pecs, through pre-established workflows and possible activation of some alerts on identified cases
  • Performance monitoring (Dashboard) to check the performance of the tool on received emails
  • Communications categorization (Dashboard) - each received communication is categorized, allowing user to check the topics that generate the highest traffic

Use Case

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