MyAiP CV Screener simplifies your CV screening processes by automatically analyzing data and classifying resumes.

The HR ally

MyAiP CV Screener is a powerful tool able to:
A valuable ally for all HR people who must juggle the analysis of hundreds and hundreds of resumes, MyAiP CV Screener can automatically extract from resumes the salient information about a candidate.

Looking for a programmer or security officer? The software will do it for you by reviewing all uploaded resumes, skimming them by job description.

Through NLP technologies (PJF - Position Job Fitting) and Full Text searches MyAiP CV Screener is able to extrapolate biographical details, educational experiences, interests, but also hard and soft skills, selecting the most relevant candidates for a given profile.

MyAiP CV Screener, moreover, is able to produce, from a score associated with each candidate, a ranking of the selected profiles, to make the search for resources smarter. All this is possible thanks to a new algorithm devised by Fiven's R&D Department in collaboration with the Federico II University of Naples and currently being published.
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Enhance recruiters’ productivity, enhance candidates’ experience.

MyAiP CV Screener Highlights

  • It efficiently and effectively performs data extraction and screening of CVs through semantic analysis of texts, thanks to an AI system that allows it to identify different sections within CVs and extract data in a context-dependent way, considering that the same word can have different implications.
  • It is able to recognize information contained in CVs and provided in different formats (Word, PDF, etc.).
  • It classifies CVs using simple and complex searches or directly from the job offer. It is able to extract a candidate's years of work experience and detect soft skills by searching on the skills entered into the system.
  • Seamlessly integrated with SAP.
Device display showing Ada CV in action.


  • Ability to configure soft skills according to the needs of the company, and assign a "value" and "weight".
  • Creation of searches on candidate's hard and soft skills, based on HR Manager's directives, thanks to three search modes:
    • Simple search, through manual entry of parameters
    • Complex search, through a preset list of technical details (hard skills)
    • Soft skill search, deducing the presence of soft skills within CVs, through analysis of professional experience, education, hobbies, etc.
  • Missing or contradictory information is reported to HR by the system allowing manual completion and/or sending a request for completion to the candidate, either by notification or by sending a direct link to the chatbot built into the system that provides support and guidance in the candidate's compilation of the missing data.
  • Search results are presented according to the degree to which they match the position.
Use Case1

Extracting CVs containing information aligned with an open position

Use Case2

Searching for CVs compatible with certain soft skills

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