MyAiP Chat is the Artificial Intelligence that textually interacts with users and customers just like a person.

Natural language conversation

MyAiP  Chat is a powerful software able to:
MyAiP Chat is a software able to support an intelligent two-way conversation based on the user's natural language.
It is accessible through the main social media messaging services (Facebook Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp, Skype, etc.) or integrated into the institutional website.
It is a solution that can reduce the costs of corporate departments (customer care, internal helpdesk) by automating the most repetitive tasks.

MyAiP Chat is a business opportunity.
Thanks to a Training Center composed by computer scientists, humanists and psychologists, our chatbot ensures detailed and personalized responses, as well as an understanding rate consistently higher than 99%, because it is designed to identify the conversational context at critical points.
This feature provides important information about the «needs» of customers or end users, thus creating new opportunities for companies.
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MyAiP Chat Highlights


  • Low impact of chatbot insertion thanks to a methodological approach that pivots on already available information and involves user analysis, business processes, and a design by phases.
  • Chatbot does not perform translations from foreign languages but it is based on native language vocabulary and syntax (currently only Italian).
  • A Training Center composed by humanists and psychologists ensures constant optimization of Machine Learning processes.
  • Interaction can be via text chat, or voice messages, making the ChatBot available 24/7, from any device.
  • It can be integrated with Facebook Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp, Skype, Google Assistant, AmazonAlexa, web portals and APPs.
  • Personalized and contextualized customer experience: the customer dictates the timing of the service being able to pause and resume the conversation at any time in full continuity, because it keeps active the context and the conversation history (even days apart and on a different channel).
  • Sending Push notifications to specific user segments, shifting from a broadcast communication extended to all to a highly profiled communication.
  • Using the best AI solutions, Fiven manages to have a high number of understood conversations and excellent performance.
  • Data accessible through a customizable Business Intelligence Dashboard where contact information can be analyzed and operator chats can be taken over, allowing queues to be managed quickly and effectively so that all operators receive the same number of calls.
  • The Dashboard allows monitoring Chatbot performance, both in terms of quantity, by monitoring the number of chats, and in terms of topics, with configurable KPIs that can monitor user requests.
  • Sending, on a monthly basis, of a «tips and stats»report.
  • The reporting system allows to manage the «sentiment analysis», measuring customer satisfaction based on the chat context.
  • All reports can be filtered by date and exported to Excel.
Use Case1

Call handover from chatbot to human operator for handling specific consulting

Use Case2

Trouble shooting handled entirely by chatbots

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