Fiven at AI Week 2023: the Italian week dedicated to artificial intelligence

The fourth edition of Italy's largest event dedicated to artificial intelligence - AI Week 2023 - took place from April 17-21, with the participation of more than 1,000 successful entrepreneurs and managers, more than 150 outstanding speakers and more than 100 workshops and B2B networking stations for the most innovative companies on the national technology scene, among which Fiven could not miss.

The events that animated AI Week Italia were held in digital format during the first three days of the week and concluded in presence, at the Palacongressi di Rimini, on Thursday, April 20 and Friday, April 21, an opportunity to provide space for constructive sharing and the exchange of innovative Insights among experts and leaders in the field of digital and AI technologies.

Framing these innovation-focused days are speeches by thought leaders from around the world including Seth Dobrin, head of the Responsible AI Institute, and representatives from the European Space Agency, the government's Department of Economic Planning, and the Semeion Research Center.

With the participation of Valerio D'Angelo, Alessandro Ilarda and Fabio Raimondo Sorrentino, Fiven had the opportunity to bring to the stage of AI Week Italia all the passion and commitment that has always guided the company in the development and implementation of AI-Powered Solution Fiven ADA, presenting, in particular, the features and benefits of the tools implemented for the Employee and HR areas.

The title of Fiven's workshop, in fact, left no room for imagination: "Fiven ADA for HR: l'AI per il Recruiting e Talent Management del futuro".

As Valerio D'Angelo pointed out at the opening of his speech, "In recent years Fiven has invested heavily in AI solutions and, together with recent acquisitions, the Group has become to all intents and purposes a large, forward-looking Innovation Company that continues to believe strongly in made in Italy and with underlying engineering know-how that can make a difference in the innovation sector.

"From Conversational Agents, to HR Tools to support Digital Transformation with reference to Customer Management and Employee Managemement, there were many points covered during the workshop, where the stages of the transformations and innovations that have affected the business world in recent years, especially from the technological point of view, were also retraced

"Also in HR, AI can help and bring value, especially on these areas: recruiting, hiring and onboarding, and as several surveys show, in the coming months those working in HR and IT expect to be able to use artificial intelligence in their work, without of course forgetting that to best manage the part of Talent Management and Talent Acquisition will always require a good combination of human processes and digital technologies," - said Alessandro Ilarda - Chief Digital Officer of Fiven.

Finally, taking the floor was Fabio Sorrentino who, as head of the Ada suite, illustrated to the audience of articipants the functioning and potential of the Ada CV and Ada Skills products through two interactive demos.

In the city of Rimini, which thus became the Italian capital of Artificial Intelligence for two days, all this took shape also thanks to the strategic collaboration between the "AI Explained Simply" organization and Italian Exhibition Group, a leading reality in the trade fair sector. Directing all the organizational work were Giacinto Fiore and Pasquale Viscanti, founders of "AI Explained Simple" and faces of the AI Play platform they recently started.

As Giacinto Fiore reiterated, "Nationally, only 6 percent of Italian companies use artificial intelligence to grow their business and improve operational services. Together we can really turn things around: we are called to live the present with courage and positivity, and AI is the cutting-edge technology we need, also and, above all, to run full speed into the future."

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