Fiven and CIO Club: The protagonist at the Bourbon Gallery in Naples

"Applied AI - the automation of Customer Care, Helpdesk, Engagement and HR Digital Transformation processes in a single platform: Fiven Ada". This was the title of the event organized with CIO Club Italia that took place in the afternoon of Thursday 30 March at the charming location of Agorà Morelli in Naples.

Representing Fiven, the initiative was attended by Valerio D'angelo and Diego D'angelo, co-ceo of the Group; Alessandro Ilarda - Chief Digital Officer; Fabio Sorrentino - Head of Digital Solutions and Claudia Racioppi - Digital Business Developer Manager, to present the AI-driven solutions that can be adopted in the IT and HR field to improve organizational processes and gain a competitive advantage in terms of business, Employee Experience and CX.

After the introduction of Valerio D'Angelo, who told the story and the cornerstones of the reality of Fiven, it was the turn of the intervention of Alessandro Ilarda who stressed how, working closely with the IT departments of companies, the company has over time developed a great awareness of the importance of customer-centricity in the development of software, apps and websites.

As Ilarda pointed out: "Even before technology, Fiven completes every project by putting the end users of the services provided to companies at the center of all its activities, drawing valuable experiences through the methodology of service design".

The importance of service design derives from the fact that this methodology allows to understand and segment the reference users according to each project and then move on to the phase of listening and analysis of the needs most felt in the market. All this happens in Fiven always following an "end-to-end" approach that starts from the collection of ideas up to the prototyping of the final solution, to its development, the adoption phase and that of usability testing - essential to deliver products that meet the expectations of end users towards the services the products released.

To take the floor on the stage of the CIO Club then intervened Fabio Sorrentino to tell the suite of AI driven solutions developed by Fiven, putting the emphasis on Ada Chat - the advanced Chatbot for Customer Care processes - and Ada Skills, the proprietary tool that can simplify the operation of HR teams in the company.

But what comes from the collaboration between visionary CIOs and companies that invest in technology and innovation? It has spoken Giulio Capacchione, CIO of Grimaldi Lines, multinational operating in the logistics, specialized in the operations of ships roll-on/roll-off, car carrier and ferries and that Fiven has chosen for the realization of own chatbot online and in order to automate, thanks to the technology and expertise of Fiven, the activities of email dispathcing.

At the end of the event, a networking dinner preceded by an extraordinary guided tour at the Bourbon Gallery - one of the places that represents a real slice of the last 500 years of the history of Naples - to cross the environments that during the Second World War constituted the war shelter of the country and in which, thanks to an important archaeological recovery, many objects were found used at the time.

During the journey, huge fragments of statues, cars and vintage motorcycles related to the period between the end of the Second World War and the 70s, served as a frame, recalling the time when the Bourbon Gallery was used as a judicial deposit of the City of Naples.

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