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Artificial Conversation Entities

There are many forms and names of the so-called “Artificial Conversation Entities”, extremely used in building engagement between brand and customer.
The Fiven R&D has created a new generation of management software capable of exploiting the nuances of language and capable of learning something new from every interaction with humans.

Italian Mindset

Our bots speak Italian and are trained by humanist and psychologist based on our vocabulary. They interpret things and respond in our language and continue to learn during each conversation.

The software developed by Fiven integrates with website, applications, devices, with all main instant messaging tools (WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Microsoft Teams, Skype) and with the increasing popular virual assistance (Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, ..).

Iron Memory 

Our bots remember every interaction. Even after sometime and on a different channel, the user can resume the conversation previously started. 

Segmented Marketing Automation

Our virtual conversation assistants are able to communicate via push notification to highly segmented user clusters through tone of voice messages, differentiated by target. 

Figures in hand 

Implementation use cases have highlighted a level of understanding of user needs of our bots up to 97% higher than that of a chatbot classic.  

Fiven Customers can exploit the potential of these new bots that we can consider real virtual assistants to offer customers and prospects a satisfactory omnichannel experience to access information and services without time limits. 

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