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AI-Powered Digital HR Platform

Fiven has projected and build an AI-based platform, completely digital dedicated to selection process and management of the human resources.


The solutions is able to acquire the candidates’ data in an intelligent way, operating a computer semantics of the text for any CV. It enables to make a quicker and automate screening of the information given by hundreds or thousands of candidates, simplifying the research in concepts or keywords. 

Main Features:
- Automatic text analysis;
- Word recogninition;
- Assigning a score to CVs;
- Extraction of data contained in CVs, including hard and soft skills, hobbies and extracurricular activities;
- The ranking of the candidates;
- Storage of information.

HR Chatbot

The conversational agent offered with the solution integrates with any web-based platform, from social networks to messaging app, through company portals like Google and Amazon. It will therefore be possible to automate and increase talent engagement through the creation of a simple and a multi-channel application process. Our virtual agent accompanies candidates from the search of the position until the sending of the CVs, answering any questions and offering real-time feedback through notifications push even cross-channel.

Skills Management

The Skills Inventory allows you to effectively monitor and allocate internal resources, based on soft and hard skills, aspirations and the Company and the Customer’s needs.  

Main Features:
- Support for job rotation;
- Change Management;
- Personalized training;
- Internal evaluation processes.

People management

Fiven offers everything necessary for timely and complete management of daily workflows.

Main Features:
- Smart working calendar;
- Timesheet of the attendance;
- Holidays and leaves;
- Visualisation of the internal regulations;
- Employee document management (payslip, expence remborcement);
- Organization charts;
- Organization of working groups.

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