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Ada Dialogue is the Artificial Intelligence that talks with users and customers just like a person.

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Ada Dialogue is a powerful software able to:
Ada Dialogue is a software able to support an intelligent two-way vocal conversation with a human counterpart.

Thanks to external Iibraries Voicebot can be used with the main social media & messaging services (Facebook Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp, Skype, etc.) or integrated into the company homepage.

It is a versatile tool that allows you to optimize time and resources.

It is a valuable support in those activities where we cannot use a  keyboard or voice support is needed.

Through the activity and coordination of a Training Center, the Voicebot ensures personalized and detailed responses as well as an understanding rate consistently higher than 80%.
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The Voice of your Customer Service

Ada Dialogue Highlights


  • Low impact of chatbot insertion thanks to a methodological approach that pivots on already available information and involves user analysis, business processes, and a design by phases.
  • Based on native language vocabulary and syntax (currently only Italian).
  • A Training Center composed by humanists and psychologists ensures constant optimization ofMachine Learning processes.
  • Interaction can be via voice messages, making Voicebot available 24/7, from any device.
  • It can be integrated with Facebook Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp, Skype, Google Assistant, AmazonAlexa, web portals and APPs.
  • Using the best AI solutions, Ada Dialogue manages to have a high number of understood conversations and excellent performance.
  • Inreased Contact Center performance thanks to the automation of a 1st level of simple requests and the switching to a 2nd level human operator, based on skills.
  • Data accessible through a customizable Business Intelligence Dashboard where contact information can be analyzed and operator calls can be taken over.
  • Monitoring of Voicebot performance.
  • Sending, on a monthly basis, of a «tips and stats» report.
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