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Medical Center: from Identity to CRO

A completely new experience: rebranding, identity, user journey, UI, integration with SAP and Performance Management activities for one of the most important and well-known eCommerce in the medical field. 

The challenge

Fiven supported Pikdare S.p.A. – Italy, a company of the MTD Group and owner of the PIC Solution brand, in the development of the new Medical Center Italia eCommerce portal dedicated to all health professionals.


A new Brand Identity, a more fluid and intuitive Customer Experience, a light and dynamic technology solution to innovate the online shopping experience of doctors and healthcare professionals and to make Medical Center Italia increasingly the point of reference for those who seek excellence and quality.

The client

Medical Center Italia is the portal created by Pikdare and the MTD Group to offer health professionals the best of the international market, from needles to syringes, from scalpels to thermometers. With over 1,500 products available, 30 brands distributed across more than 140 catalog categories, today it is the reference point for the purchase of medical devices and medical instruments in Italy.

The process

The collaboration between Fiven and Pikdare was launched to reposition the Medical Center Italia brand on the digital market and develop a new eCommerce capable of improving the shopping experience and optimizing sales results, focusing on three main areas of intervention:

"The new eCommerce Medical Center Italia is the result of an extensive collaboration between Citel Group and Pikdare aimed at redefining the shopping experience for Doctors and Healthcare Professionals – comments Alessandro Ilarda, Chief Digital Officer of Citel Group -. We have rethought the customer experience, using a mobile-first approach to ensure omnichannel use that revolves around the consumer, giving them the opportunity to experience the same shopping experience on each single touchpoint without any interruption of continuity".
“The re-design of the Medical Center is a key pillar in the transformation of a channel born in 1974 as a paper catalog for health professionals - says Luca Pettinari, Group Digital Officer of MTD -. While maintaining the channel positioning intended for the medical class, the project saw an important evolution on three key dimensions: innovative customer experience, new brand identity and new product assortment. This mix of ingredients, together with Pic's decades of experience, will be able to best satisfy our customers and the new generations of 'health professionals' who will confirm Medical Center as a point of reference for their daily professional needs”.

The project started with a creative thinking session. The archetypes of the brand, its values, key differentiators, visual directions and tone of voice are then translated into a well-recognizable and unique identity system.

Users and Interviews with potential customers paved the way for new stories, allowing us to reflect on the design of new and engaging user journeys.Flows and excels have guided us along the path towards the functional and technical analysis of the system and towards the integration of the processes that underlie it.We made shootings for the different product categories and this phase helped us find new ways to tell an already existing and valuable story.

Nowadays, the mobile user experience is also important in a B2B application: we have designed and developed a personalized and seamless shopping experience based on WooCommerce: consistent, easy and safe for the customer.

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